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Our Core

Engage. Examine. Execute.


Structure your organizational direction, goals and success metrics.


Listening and understanding allows you to define your customer’s eXperience.


Develop your resources to align and engage with your strategy.


Improve your interactions through effectiveness and efficiency.

Our Framework

eXperience Impact - A business consulting company committed to helping you get the results you need.
Every business is on a journey to grow and produce more profits.

Finding your way in this journey is not easy. Sometimes you need help…

Leverage eXperience Impact to empower your teams to view your business through a different lens.

The approach is simple and collaborative. We create the strategic impact and improvements that you need. Remember, it’s all about the eXperience you desire for your brand.

Let us assist you and your organization to Discover Your Next Level!

  • Discover
  • Targeted Impacts
  • Insights into Action
  • Impact Assessments & Control

Your Impact Team

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Cheryl Anderson

Chief Operating Officer

Business Transformation | Operational Excellence| Customer Experience | Business Operations | Information Systems | Global Project Management| Lean Six Sigma | Leadership & Talent Management
Versatile Executive Leader with global cross functional experience in developing strategic vision, driving operational transformation & building high performance teams. Industry knowledge includes supply chain, retail, manufacturing, oil & gas, banking & healthcare.
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Sherri Merbach

Chief People Strategist

Strategic Planning | Organizational Development |Leadership Development | Performance Management | Change Management | Employee Engagement & Retention |Training | Executive Coaching
HR Executive Leader with proven experience in aligning people & business strategies. Solid track record with succession planning & team building. Change expert in creating sustainable shifts in organizational performance by leveraging relationships & empowering others.


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