What are the elements that create an “Outstanding” customer experience?

Customer Experience

Every interaction matters when it comes to delivering the Ultimate Customer Experience. These interactions must be consistent and personal regardless of the preferred customer channel of communication. Whether it is the phone, email, chat, mobile, website, or knowledge management a company must have a customer experience and relationship strategy that demonstrates the commitment to All Things Begin with the Customer!

An outstanding customer experience is not one department within an organization. It is a created culture and mindset that is built from the top down and the bottom up at the same time. Aligning your strategy, customer interactions, people and processes is a must and it begins with clarity and purpose. Clear customer experience expectations must be identified through critical measurements such as Net Promoter Score (NPS), First Contact Resolution (FCR), Customer Effort Score (CES) and Overall Satisfaction with a customer’s most recent interaction. It is one thing to capture these metrics, but an organization must leverage these results and put Insights into Action.

Identifying the action drivers that matter most to your customers is critical to your overall success of talking the talk and walking the walk. Examples such as: Timely Issue Resolution, Understanding Your Customer’s Needs or Accurate Billing on Invoices are just a few that can involve multiple departments. Striving for a statistical significant improvement shift in these drivers will motivate your organization that their efforts are paying off. This is where you need to focus on aligning your people strategies with your business strategy for profitable growth and strong customer retention.

Building a customer loyalty program and dedicated resources to support this action is a “best in class” practice to ensure the needle is moved in the right direction for both your organization and your customers. These resources are responsible for being the ambassadors for communicating the Voice of the Customer throughout the organization while driving the continuous process improvement efforts and innovation.

Employee engagement is the most important part that is often overlooked when delivering this remarkable experience which is where most companies fall short. Clear goals and recognition programs must be cascaded at all levels supporting your customer experience strategy. Employees must be educated on how their role impacts the overall service or product you offer. Simple programs must be formed to emotionally attach your people to your organization through involvement in community events, wellness and work-life balance initiatives, workplace environment improvements, employee engagement focus groups, and innovation boards for employees to share their next generation ideas.

In summary, an outstanding customer experience is more than a marketing effort within your organization. Yes, the complete journey to achieve such results begins with a strong vision, a realistic mission and genuine values, but you must be committed to engage, examine, and execute the things that are needed with a focus on long term outcomes earning customer loyalty!

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